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    Faders Up Oh. We give you quality tutorials. Additionally, we offer recording tutorial videos too. Faders Up Oh also provides mixing tutorial videos also. Moreover, we have mastering tutorial videos as well. The videos are for people who are looking to hone their skills. See how other engineers work or learn a brand new skill.

    The tutorials let you learn the tools at hand. See how and why to use those tools. Learn everything from plugins to analog hardware. You will learn how to apply a hybrid system. This system lets you use both analog and digital gear at the same time. You get the best of both worlds. Use microphone placement to your advantage. Set microphone polar patterns to get better sounds. Learn gain management and suggestions on Equalization & compression techniques also.

    Additionally, our tutorials let you hear how mentors maintain and tune their instruments also. Learn how to capture the sound of an instrument too. There is no such thing as fixing it in the mix. Learn how to make your audio mixes reproducible. Furthermore, can you provide a consistent mix repeatedly? We will show you how. Gain confidence in what you are doing too. Get a clear vision of what a good mix is with the tutorials from Faders Up Oh.

  • Control Room At Faders Up Oh

    See how to make your control room sound neutral. Overlooking it can be easy. The most important gear you have is the room. Control rooms lie. Chances are yours is lying to you right now. Small rooms produce big problems. Audio mixes can never be done well without a good room. It includes the use of panels. The panels are placed on the walls in specific spots. This is done by measuring how the room sounds. Studios also use a ceiling cloud above the mix spot. These panels scatter the sound when it hits it. Learn what the mix triangle is all about. A good monitoring section can make or break your control room too.

    A good monitoring section includes a digital to analog converter and your speakers. Learn how everything works together to make your audio mixes reproducible. Learn how to clean up your audio files with proper data management. Going back to a mix several months later to find a file named audio_08 is never fun. We will show you how to make sure your naming process helps you every time you re-open the file.

    These tips and much more will be available to you on this site. The tips will also give you the confidence in moving forward with your choices as an engineer. No more second guessing your mix.  It will become second nature. Enjoy the audio videos and if there is a way we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Analog – Digital Hybrid Mixing & Recording

    Is an Analog-Digital Hybrid Recording System the future and the best of both worlds? Here at Faders Up Oh we will tackle the hard questions. The simple answer is yes. What is the difference between analog and digital? So how does it work? What do you need to accomplish such a thing? What is an

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