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    Audio Mastering Tutorial Videos. Audio tutorials give you the tools to learn digital signal processing (DSP). Moreover, tutorials show a hybrid mix set-up between analog and digital too. Furthermore, Eq and compression tips provide engineers the tools they need. The audio gain stage is another important tool to master an audio mix also.

    An audio master gives your mix a radio sound. Moreover, we want to provide you with high-quality audio mastering tutorial videos too. Our audio mastering tutorial videos do three things. First, it will help engineers focus their skills. Secondly, it will give engineers a new tip on how others might work. Lastly, it will help them find something brand new. Tutorials will add to your tool box of audio mixing abilities also. You will learn to prepare audio for a great mastering result.

    We will steer you clear of the loudness wars also. Pushing sound to the breaking point is not idea. Test pilots maybe. Not audio engineers. Finding the right balance is. We will show you how to accomplish this also. Moreover, we will help you make it something that you can repeat.

  • Plug-Ins

    Videos will show you how to use plugins and apply them to your songs. The audio mastering tutorial videos will show you how to implement proper gain staging also. The videos will also demonstrate how to set recording levels to your mix.

    This gain management will ensure that you have your level set perfectly for mastering at all times. These tutorials will also speak to gear too. They will show how your system integrates together between hardware and software.

    Watch audio mastering tutorial videos on plugins. They will offer you the proper audio tools. The videos will show when and how to use them. It will illustrate how to gain manage the plugins correctly. Plugins are fantastic. Plugins can also destroy a song if not employed in the right way.

    You will find an audio mastering tutorial video on what you need to master a track properly. Using equalization correctly is key. We will demonstrate how to use Sum and Side equalization. It will make your mastered audio tracks pop. We will also describe a hybrid system using both analog and digital gear simultaneously. Videos will also show you when to use hardware. They will show when to use software. Sometimes you may need both. We have you covered.

    Look through the tutorials also. Find videos to fit a particular need. You have access to all content when you become a pro member too. There are plenty of free ones from which to choose as well. Purchase any audio mastering tutorial video of your choosing if there is one you love. Feel free to contact us and suggest a topic that you do not see on our site. We will do our best to cover it for you. Enjoy!