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    Audio Mixing Tutorial Videos. Watch and learn audio digital signal processing (DSP). Also, learn how to use a hybrid mix set-up. It uses analog and digital gear together. Learning how to use gain stage techniques will be a life-saver at mix down also. Here at Faders Up Oh we want to provide you with high quality mixing tutorials. As a result, our audio mixing tutorial videos will help hone your skills. It will also provide new insight. See how another engineer might work too. Add new skills to your arsenal of mixing abilities.

    We will show you how to use plugins and apply them to your mixes. The audio mixing tutorial videos will show you how to set proper recording levels also. Implementing the proper gain management will ensure that you have your level set perfectly at all times. Audio mixing tutorial videos will also speak to gear and how your system integrates together. Moreover, it will show the path from the microphone all the way to your digital audio workstation (DAW). Knowing signal path is a vital step in the process as well as knowing where it originates. Furthermore, follow the path to its end and it will help you keep the cleanest path possible.

  • Equalization

    You will find audio mixing tutorial videos on everything you need to mix a track properly. Using equalization correctly is key. Equalization by taking frequencies away is crucial also. Do not add. Take away. High pass everything. How to use sum and side equalization will make your mixes pop. We will also describe analog-digital hybrid systems. We will also explain why they are the future. Actually, the future is here.

    Additionally, look through the tutorials to find a particular need. If you are a Pro Member, you have access to all content. There are plenty of ones from which to choose. However, if you find one that will change your life, you can purchase any audio mixing tutorial video of your choosing. As always, if you do not see one that fits your needs, feel free to contact us and suggest your needs to us. Enjoy!