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    Audio Recording Tutorial videos are here. Learn recording tips by watching our tutorials too. You will learn microphone placement also. You will learn polar pattern usage too. Learn about audio plugins including equalization and compression techniques also. Furthermore, we will show you everything you will need in order to get a better recording.

    Faders Up Oh wants to provide you with high-quality audio recording tutorial videos in 3 ways. Our tutorials will help aspiring engineers hone their skills. Sound engineers can get new insight on how others might work. Engineers can also find something brand new to add to their abilities. It does not matter what your skill level is in order to benefit from our videos.

    Additionally, we will not only show you how to use plugins but more importantly when to use them also. Learn how to apply them to your recordings too. Plug-ins are vitally important to audio engineers. We use them to hone the sound into a pleasurable experience.

    Our audio recording tutorial videos will also show you how to gain stage. See how to set recording levels too. It will ensure that you have your level set perfectly at all times. An audio engineer must learn this skill in order to record a track that will easily translate to an audio mix.


    Audio recording tutorial videos will speak to gear also. The videos will show how your system works together too. Knowing signal flow and how your gear is connected is very important. Setting up your gear and connecting it together will give you first-hand knowledge of your system. It is an important aspect of recording.

    You will find audio recording tutorial videos on anything you need to record a track. Learn how to tune drums too. Do not assume that a musician will know how to tune their instrument. This simple knowledge will serve you very well in a session. Having extra drum heads and strings will help a lot. We will also show how to tune guitars and other instruments as well. It is important to have new drum heads when recording drums. A well played take will sound lifeless without new heads.

    Learn how to achieve a musical instruments best  sound performance also. Musical instruments must work at their peak performance to ensure a successful recording. A crucial step is to apply new strings to a guitar or bass before a recording. A basic set-up on a bass or guitar will help as well.  Dull or worn guitar strings can make a great take sound less exciting.

  • Microphone Placement

    Understand how to get the best sound during a recording session. Achieve this by watching our audio recording tutorial videos on microphone placement. See how to use the polar patterns on the microphones. Use them to your advantage too. It will help you deal with bleed from other instruments. This method will improve the overall sound quality of your recordings.

    Our videos will show you how to capture the sound correctly. The goal is to hear the same sound from the speakers as you hear in the room the musicians are using. This objective is the most critical to an audio engineer. There is no such thing as fixing it in the mix. To capture an instruments sound correctly is the most crucial aspect of recording.