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    Mentors Page. Meet the teachers of Faders Up Oh. Each teacher provides a unique perspective. Additionally, they also possess a skill set to share with viewers too. Faders Up Oh mentors have years of studio and recording experience. Equally important, most of our mentors are musicians just like yourself.

    Furthermore, being a musician enables them to understand where the artists are coming from creatively also. Mentors understand their needs and how to meet them too. In a like manner, to understand this is a hard thing to do also. It is a meld of the artistic warm fuzzy side with the technical cold metal box side. Art meeting the technical seems like it would be an oxymoron because they really do not go together.

    To clarify, to have a good song you need the creative. On the other hand, an audience will not listen to a poorly recorded song. Moreover, nobody will listen to a poorly recorded song no matter how creative the song is either. Given these points, a balancing act must be struck. It requires a blend of art and technicality also. This blend is where our mentors come in. The blend is the technical expertise of our instructors together with their musical backgrounds.

    Below is a list of our mentors and their backgrounds. Check their stories out. You will find this balance in their stories.

  • Wade Nichols


  • Wade has run live sound for national recording artists. The engineer has also run sound for live theater and hundreds of local cover bands. Artistically he has written three albums of original material. Some of those songs played on local Milwaukee radio stations, and he played them live on local cable television shows as well.

    As a studio entrepreneur, he has owned and operated Starsound Studios for the past 20 years. When he returned home to Northeast OH in 2001, he started Rock Rewind. Owning a commercial studio is a passion, but Wade is the guitarist and brainchild of Rock Rewind as well. He is also the lead singer. All of the music and lights pre-recorded for Rock Rewind's ridiculous three ring circus was designed and played by Wade at Starsound Studios.

    He studied to be a science teacher and did so for 17 years. In 2004 he was asked to teach music at A.B. Hart Middle School in the Cleveland Municipal School District. Wade wrote a technology music grant with a colleague and put a recording studio lab in the back of the auditorium. The building is currently not open, and Wade is teaching computer technology at H. B. Booker.

  • Rare And Unique Opportunities

    He has traveled to New York, Boston, and Fort Wayne to learn from Grammy and Emmy winning/nominated recording engineers Mark Hornsby, Johnathan Wyner, Fab Dupont, and Ed Cherney. This is in addition to teaching full time and being in Rock Rewind. Wade has also learned guitar recording from legendary guitarists Carl Verheyen of Supertramp and Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick provided by Sweetwater Studios.

    As a student, he is also taking classes in the Recording Arts and Technology (RAT) program at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. Wade is seeking to earn a third college degree an Associate Degree in audio recording/engineering. He already has a BA and MA in the teaching field.

    The audio engineer has been recently accredited by Tiffin University in Ohio to teach interns at Starsound Studios for credit to its university's music program. The same accreditation is being sought from Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.