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    Pro membership offers you more content than the average subscriber. Therefore, you can take advantage of everything our site has to offer. You can make use of the video content also.

    The pro material offers full song video content. The videos will show you a particular song from start to finish. In fact, it will go into in-depth detail instead of a brief overview. A brief overview is always helpful. However, going into greater depth can give you the tools necessary to increase your mixing abilities too. Additionally, you will get files to download and practice the new skills presented. In the same token, it is an invaluable part of being a pro member.

    In the same fashion, a further perk of having going pro is the extra content. You need information and we got you covered. After all, that is our job. The pro membership will also give you access to articles too. We will provide mix analysis. How did the engineer pull off a famous song? Likewise, what effects did they use and how? We will try to provide you with those answers. It will be a surprise as to what transpired on these nostalgic records.

    This membership provides pro video content too. Additionally, take advantage of our mixing contests. Mixing competition will provide a way to keep your mixing skills up and put them to use in a friendly competition. Furthermore, a perk of having going pro is the extra content. We will have articles and additional information just for you. You need information - we got you covered.

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