• Studio Equipment

  • State Of The Art Studio Equipment

    Studio Equipment is an important feature of a recording studio. Ours is a North Royalton-based recording studio. Moreover, the studio is in the great state of Ohio. Additionally, we are focused on two things. First is to provide studio services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. Secondly, is the fact that we will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations too. As a result, the state of the art studio equipment will surely grab your attention. By the same token, it is the attention to detail that keeps you here also.

  • Eleven Rack

    Additionally, the studio equipment we have is top of the line gear too. It provides you with flexibility also. Use our industry leading AVID Eleven Rack guitar processor. It will in-bed its settings as you play. In other words, the entire sound parameters get stored with the guitar audio track. Pro-Tools sees to that automatically. Furthermore, the complete rig settings are will be brought up just by opening the file.

    Therefore, you can take the tracks to another studio too. It will change their Eleven Rack to your settings. As a result, your next guitar track at the new studio will sound the same as it did when you play it here. Moreover, the Eleven Rack makes laying down tracks at later date a breeze also.

    In the final analysis, trying to get the same sound using amplifiers is impossible. Given these points, the reason is simple. No guitar amplifier sounds the same. It is true even if they are the same guitar amp from the same manufacturer too. Furthermore, they are different sounding even if they are made on the same day and in sequential order.

    Of course, it is just one of the many reasons recording at Starsound Studios is the right choice too. Our studio is not only set up well in the present but set for the future as well.

  • Why Us?

    Additionally, what sets us apart from other studios is our gear. Moreover, you should choose us because we are a one stop shop for all of your needs. Generally speaking, you do not want to waste time recording at a first location. Audio mastering at second. Create websites and graphic design at a third location. Finally, taking CD duplication to another.

    All of those places are just as capable as we are. The difference is the fact that you have to spend more time explaining your project again. It is a hassle traveling from place to place. Additionally, your project may not look like one company handled it from start to finish too.

    Given these points, we provide a start to finish services under one roof. Spending all that time with us ensures you will get a look and sound that will be seamless and cohesive.

  • Studio A Rates

    Recording time Availability Rates
    By The Day7 days a week 10 hours $500.00
    Per Hour By Appointment $ 50.00 Per Hour
  • Studio B Rates

    Recording TimeAvailabilityRates
    By The Day7 days a week 10 hours$300.00
    Per HourBy Appointment$30.00 Per Hour
  • Studio C Rates

    Recording TimeAvailabilityRates
    By The Day7 days a week 10 hours$200.00
    Per HourBy Appointment$20.00 Per Hour